VOUW Projects

Evoke emotions through design and technology

From private sponsors to festivals

Ranging from works about light pollution to projects about the democratisation of art.

No geographical limitations

VOUW is a global company, with projects in New York, Bangalore, Amsterdam and more.

Focus on speed and quality

A project can be build within 6 weeks, from concept to end result.

Diverse project portfolio

Each project is different and this diversity fuels the necessary creativity for the next project.

What we do

Building art installations

Ranging from works about light pollution to projects about the democratization of art.

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Organising events

Including program development, event hosting and setting up promotional campaigns.

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Connecting people

From organising international fundraisers to creating a platform that brings all relevant stakeholders together to support art.

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Amsterdam Light Festival – Designing a light installation about humbleness

Amsterdam Light Festival

Light installation


Dutch National Opera – Hosting events that attract more young people to the opera

Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Campaign, Event coordination, video


Airplane Food Restaurant – Enjoying airplane food on ground level

The Airplane Food Restaurant was launched to give people the luxury to enjoy airplane food without having to fly. 

Flight instructions were given, speakers spoke about global food production and a fashion show was held amidst rows of airplane seats while people enjoyed their airplane meal. 

Live Still Life Project

In the 16th century still life paintings were created both to express wealth and immortalise a fleeting instance of beauty.

What does wealth mean nowadays and how can we preserve and access beauty? These questions stood at the basis of the Live Still Life Project.


An overview of some of our partners

The team

Our designers, data scientists, developers and researchers will make your company 4th Industrial Revolution proof.

Mingus Vogel
Justus Bruns
Jan Truijens Martinez
Maarten Jansen
Simon Luitse
Thomas Ghys
Data Scientist
Winston Liew

Work with us

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