Amsterdam Light Festival - A light installation about humbleness

Light Installation

The Idea

Astronauts who have seen the earth in the midst of space, experience first-hand the fragility of life on earth. With two light art installations in Amsterdam and in Kuala Lumpur VOUW brings this feeling to people on earth.

CITY GAZING shows the city as if you’re looking out of an airplane window by night. This moment gives the spectator a feeling of both grandeur and humbleness.

Astronauts experience this feeling even more extreme. Every astronaut who sees the earth floating in the vastness of space, experiences the ‘overview effect’, a mental shift of awareness how fragile life on earth is. When they return to earth they they feel compelled to commit themselves to a sustainable future.

CITY GAZING aims to bring this experience to people down on earth.  







The work in Kuala Lumpur light was installed in the Sungai Buloh neighbourhood. Taking the specifics of the site into consideration, a T-shaped constellation was designed spanning 1200m2, suspended 15 meters above the ground and weighing a total of 917kg.

The Amsterdam light installation was commissioned by Amsterdam Light Festival. The design had to be rethought because the work would hang above the famous Dutch canals. The updated design resulted in a grid made of aluminium and LED lights, spanning 324m2 and weighing 145kg. The light installation is launched at the Amsterdam Light Festival on 30 November 2017, together with the works of international artists that include Ai Wei Wei.



Lightbox Edition

When the Lightbox Edition is turned on it shows Amsterdam’s light footprint at night. When it is turned off, the phosphorus paint coating shows the starry sky behind all this light. 

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2017
The work in Kuala Lumpur is 15 meter high, 60 meter wide and 30 meter deep
Kuala Lumpur - detail
Kuala Lumpur - detail

The team for this project

Justus Bruns
Mingus Vogel
Winston Liew
Simon Luitse
Jan Truijens Martinez

Work with us

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The Netherlands
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