Airplane Food Restaurant - Enjoying airplane food on ground level

bringing the pleasures of flying to those with their feet on solid ground


The Idea

Airplane food has a bad reputation. However, in recent years the menus are developed by top chefs, carefully selecting the necessary ingredients to accommodate everyone’s wishes. It has become something to look forward to when you travel. So why should this only be available on airplanes?

Therefore, the Airplane Food Restaurant was launched giving people that don’t travel to much the possibility to enjoy airplane food, while questioning their views on food.


The execution and result

To celebrate and highlight the great qualities of Airplane Food, a pop-up restaurant was set up in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

While enjoying airplane food from airplane seats, the visitors could enjoy a fashion show by Hans Ubbink and listen to speakers discussing our current unsustainable approach towards food. After the show and speakers, a traditional airplane movie was shown.




The team for this project

Justus Bruns
Mingus Vogel

Work with us

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Leidsegracht 38-40
1016 CM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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