VOUW Design

We design smarter sites, identities and visualisations with data.

Better insights

Get a better grip on data through clear visualisations and interactive tools.

More independence

Use design that adapts on the basis of pre-defined paramaters, keeping design relevant while limiting costs.

Happier users

Generate a tailor-made online appearance that changes according to the users' preferences.

Latest tech

Benefit from the latest technological developments to overcome challenges and get ahead of the competition.

What we do


Time is valuable. We’ll develop a working prototype in one day to resolve a challenge your company faces.

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Smarter web and app development

Most websites are static. We’ll make yours fluid by teaching it to adapt to your users’ preferences.

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Brand identity based on data analysis

Apply data analysis to your social media channels and site analytics to build a stronger resonating brand.

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Interactive data visualisations

Turn reports of existing or new data sets into interactive visualisations.                                                                         

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Creating brand identities that can cope with changing times

Smart algorithms can generate endless identities for your company. We combine new technology together with our 15 years of experience in identity design to offer our clients the best of both worlds.





An overview of some of our clients

The team

Our designers, data scientists, developers and researchers will make your company 4th Industrial Revolution proof.

Mingus Vogel
Justus Bruns
Jan Truijens Martinez
Maarten Jansen
Simon Luitse
Thomas Ghys
Data Scientist
Winston Liew

Work with us

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1016 CM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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