VOUW is the design studio of Justus Bruns (1987) & Mingus Vogel (1989). The studio looks at what is happening in the world today and what the future will look like. VOUW creates physical installations that make the public space better for everyone. Instead of getting people addicted to their phones and isolate them from society, they believe technology should be used to create real and shared experiences.


VOUW’s work has been exhibited internationally at museums and festivals, such as the group exposition Continuous Refle(a)ction at the Riverside Art Museum Beijing (2019), the Amsterdam light festival (2017), i Light Singapore (2019) and more.


The work of VOUW has been featured in many newspapers as well as websites like Designboom, The Huffington Post, NOS, El Mundo, The Creators Project and GOOD magazine.



Justus Bruns
Born 02/12/87 in Wilrijk, Belgium
BSc Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology (2006 - 2011)
Board Member at BNO, the Dutch Designers Association (2016 - present)


Mingus Vogel
Born 18/05/1989 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
MSc Industrial Design Engineering, Strategic Product Design, Delft University of Technology (2007 - 2013)



Work with us

Works with Whatsapp, Facetime, iMessage

Leidsegracht 38-40
1016 CM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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