We design smarter sites, identities and visualisations with data.

We're integrating data with design to deliver creative data-driven design services that can adapt to your users.

Better insights

Get a better grip on your data through clear visualisations and interactive tools.

More independence

Our designs are able to adapt by itself guided by parameters you define. The design is always relevant.

Happier users

We’ll adapt your organization’s online appearance according to your users’ preferences.

Latest tech

We closely follow developments in tech and try to implement these whenever relevant.

Our services

Brand identity based on data analysis

Apply data analysis to your social media channels and site analytics to build a stronger resonating brand.

Smarter web and app development

Most websites are static. We’ll make yours fluid by teaching it to adapt to your users’ preferences.


We’ll develop a working prototype in one day to resolve a challenge your company faces.

Interactive data visualisations

Turn reports of existing or new datasets into interactive visualisations.

What we've done

We solve our clients’ biggest challenges through a combination of fresh ideas, great design and new technology.

Rebranding and -designing the largest car magazine of the Netherlands in only 6 months

We helped boost revenues and reach of the largest car magazine in the Netherlands through a research-driven redesign that targeted the needs of the personas we had defined.


VOUW was instrumental in the execution of the strategy to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Beside their laser-like focus, they are great, fun and smart guys too!

Walter van Maren, Former Content Director

Real time data visualisation tool

We developed a data visualization tool with which CSR Europe could measure and present the efforts taken by small and medium sized businesses in 12 European countries to provide youth apprenticeships.

Reporting on youth unemployment used to be a long, arduous affair. Not any longer.


I’m on cloud nine.

Tommi Raivio, Project Manager

Building a prototype compliance learning tool in a day

Over 200.000 employees at ArcelorMittal face daily challenges when learning about compliance. We organized a prototyping day for the Compliance Department to find alternative ways to make compliance learning more engaging and effective.


VOUW gave us a new perspective with their prototype on how compliance learning can drastically improve, developing a feasible alternative in one day! I especially liked the hands on and action oriented approach.

Henk Scheffer, Head of Compliance

An overview of some of our clients

Meet the team

Our designers, data scientists, developers and researchers will make your company 4th Industrial Revolution proof.

Mingus Vogel
Justus Bruns
Maarten Jansen
Jan Truijens Martinez
Legal Officer
Thomas Ghys
Data Scientist

Think we’re looking a bit too much like a boyband? Us too. We’re working on our diversity.

Work with us

First time to contact us ?

If you’re looking to work with us or would like to know more about our work or what we can do, call, text or mail Justus Bruns.

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Are you an existing client?

Are we already working together on something and you want to check in on its status? Then check in with Mingus Vogel.

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Good to know:
We don’t take on projects that destroy the planet.
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