Understand change

We use design thinking and new technology to help people adapt to change.


Building apps from the ground up within a week

IT-projects are usually urgent but they take months to complete and are very expensive. We build fully working products in less than two weeks, with measured impact.




Designing light artworks to remind people to work towards a sustainable future

Astronauts who have seen the earth in the midst of space, experience first-hand the fragility of life on earth. With two light art installations in Amsterdam and in Kuala Lumpur VOUW brings this feeling to people on earth.




Animating information to be understood better

In the last years we’ve seen online video explode. Faster connectivity, video-first apps such as Snapchat and Toutiao (in China) ask for content to be translated in an easy-to-share and snappy short clips.




Hosting events that attract more young people to the opera

We're increasing the excitement among younger audiences by relating the topics of the opera to today's issues at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

The evening on Salomé by Strauss was connected to the question what the femme fatale looks like today. For Stravinsky's Rake's Progress we showed how people looked at addiction over the ages.

Opera is always relevant. 



Creating brand identities that can cope with changing times

Smart algorithms can generate endless identities for your company. We combine new technology together with our 15 years of experience in identity design to offer our clients the best of both worlds.





An overview of some of our clients

We work from anywhere.

The team

Our designers, data scientists, developers and researchers will make your company 4th Industrial Revolution proof.

Mingus Vogel
Justus Bruns
Jan Truijens Martinez
Maarten Jansen
Simon Luitse
Thomas Ghys
Data Scientist
Winston Liew

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First time to contact us?

If you’re looking to work with us or would like to know more about our work or what we can do, call, text or mail Justus Bruns.

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Are you an existing client?

Are we already working together on something and you want to check in on its status? Then check in with Mingus Vogel.

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Leidsegracht 38-40
1016 CM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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